Month: January 2019

XRP/USD Technical Analysis: Cryptocurrency content with sideways movement as market remains undecided

The roller-coaster cryptocurrency market does not look to be stopping anytime soon, with some coins seeing rises while others are still in the bear’s grasp. Popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH] and XRP have all been displaying alternative bullish and bearish signals, with many users waiting with bated breath […]

New Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash trading pairs announced on CoinField

CoinField, a popular Canadian cryptocurrency exchange, has added another feather in its cap with the latest announcement stating that 18 new fiat trading pairs will be added on the platform on January 11. The roster includes trading pairs pegged to popular fiat currencies such as the United States dollar [USD], […]

Ethereum Classic [ETC]: A deep-dive into 51% attack leading to the loss of $1.1 million worth ETCs

Opinion Cryptocurrencies – money of the future. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies promised a lot of things and along with those promises came the problems that we would never have faced if we stuck to the fiat system. But then again the world isn’t all black and white. As promising and strong […]

Ethereum Classic [ETC] deep chain reorganization and double spend attack detected by Coinbase; ETC responds

Just recently, Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange on the planet in terms of users stated that on January 5, the exchange detected a deep chain reorganization of the Ethereum Classic [ETC] blockchain as well as a double spend on the network. The event also resulted in Coinbase pausing the alleged […]

Tron [TRX] weekly report: New projects in the pipeline as token aspires to outperform Ethereum [ETH] by end of 2019

The first week of 2019 has been a remarkable one for Tron with various events and partnerships taking place. Justin Sun, the CEO and founder of Tron, recently tweeted the weekly report of the firm. According to the report, the firm has completed the hard fork logic optimization and development […] may integrate to their block explorer, says Corbin Fraser

In a recent vlog for, Roger Ver, the Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of along with Bitcoin Web developer, Corbin Fraser shared some insights about the newly released software and applications in the crypto world. The web developer informed the audience about which is available on the mainnet […]