Craig Wright Is Ready to Testify Under Oath that He Is Bitcoin’s Inventor

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  • The chief scientist at blockchain firm nChain, Craig Wright, has once again claimed he is bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto
  • Wright now wants to testify under oath.
  • His efforts to prove that he is Satoshi, have faced much scrutiny from critics, who argue that the evidence presented by the computer scientist on his blog is false.

A controversial Australian computer scientist, Craig Wright, is back on the spotlight again. Replying to the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s request for comments, Wright reiterated he is Satoshi Nakamoto. The comment reads:

“The amount of misunderstanding and fallacious information that has been propagated concerning Bitcoin and any derivative system based on a blockchain (such as and including Ethereum) has resulted in my choice to start to become more public.

The system I created was designed in part to end fraud as best as that can be done with any technology. The lack of understanding about the functioning of blockchains has resulted in widespread misinformation and a dissemination of old scams. Many of the former USENET and web IPOs scams have been propagated with the re-badging as an ICO.”

He said he is now willing to testify under oath. The claim, understandably, sounds fishy. And it remains to be seen whether his request to testify under oath, will be granted.

Wright’s earlier claims

This is not the first time Wright has claimed to being the infamous creator of Bitcoin. He has been in the midst of several controversies related to Bitcoin and its shadowy inventor.

Back in 2015, two online tech news sites, Wired and Gizmodo, reported that the Australian programmer was Bitcoin’s creator. Back then, Mr. Wright didn’t deny the report and even went ahead to give the Bitcoin community proof of his identity.

To prove these claims, Craig signed a message from a private key which was believed to be owned by Satoshi Nakamoto. However, several experts in the crypto community including Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin poked holes into the evidence that he had placed over the table. Others described him as a fraud and a scammer, and somewhere along the way he earned the moniker “Faketoshi.”

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