When iChain? SEC Filing Hints at Apple’s Interest in Blockchain

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One of the world’s most valuable company is also thinking about blockchain, it appears. A recent filing submitted to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) shows Apple mentioning “blockchain tech guidelines” in the filing, which described the company’s efforts to responsibly implement technology in its business operations.

The filing, titled “Summary of Apple’s Commitment to Responsible Sourcing,” only briefly mentions blockchain technology, and actually focuses primarily on Apple’s efforts to become a more ethical company.

Reference to blockchain technology appears at a point where the document describes its efforts to create a “Blockchain Guidelines of the Responsible Business Alliance’s Responsible Minerals Initiative (“RMI”).”

This particular reference harks back to a release by the Responsible Minerals Initiative, which outlines their intention to use blockchain to improve the mineral supply chain industry. Presumably, Apple’s intentions will be to use the blockchain technology to improve the supply chain process for the production of its own hardware.

The appearance of the term “blockchain technology” is the key part, though it is only briefly mentioned. Apple chaired the board for the RBA in 2018 and the SEC filing also reveals that it participated in a blockchain team.

The supply chain industry is widely agreed to be one of blockchain’s areas of application.

Will There Ever Be An Apple Blockchain?

Although there may be very little to ponder about in the filing, as far as blockchain is concerned, the thought of whether Apple is working on its own blockchain does cross the mind.

Yet, there is nothing yet to indicate that it will offer any service based on the technology.  

While several big name companies have shown clear interest in the emerging industry, including Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook, this is one of the few pieces of evidence that we have for Apple’s interest in blockchain. A patent filing in late 2017 by Apple is the other strong piece of evidence that we have of the company’s interest in this emerging tech.  

Despite the exposure a major company’s interest in the technology would bring, there is some skepticism about the use of blockchains made by these entities.

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