Samsung Galaxy S10 Launch Live: No Words About Crypto Wallet Yet

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Right now Samsung’s Galaxy S10 event is going live, yet so far nothing is mentioned regarding the long-awaiting crypto-wallet that supports Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum-derived token ERC20.

Today the cryptocurrency market barely reflects a stagging bull run that took over the industry in the interim of 2017. Back then only a few strangers with no internet access stood unaware of digital money that flooded cyber reality. Starting with a mild price of $1000, Bitcoin’s 2017 bullish momentum has spiked the coin in twenty times closing the year at an eye-watering $20,000 threshold. It was the times when only deaf has not heard of cryptos.

However, cryptos’ stellar performance turned out to be a short-term explosion insufficient to prompt a true massive adoption. In the aftermath, the crypto-market has plunged into a long-drawn-out turmoil that until today is filling investors with blame and frustration. Some naysayers are convinced that lacklustre Bitcoin sales and tepid cryptocurrency adoption resulted into so-called “Crypto Winter” is the end of nascent technology.

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 is Expected to Revives Cryptos

On the positive side people believe that Big Tech companies together with promising upstarts are able to boost app and retail development of crypto-based products and doing so they will contribute the next bull trend. They also suggest that the involvement of tech giants like Samsung and Apple will give the industry a leg up luring swaths of institutional capital into the crypto-sphere.  

Maybe it is right and they’ve got a perfect chance to prove it so, as the iPhone rival, Samsung set ready to shatter the handset industry with its flagship smartphone that supports top cryptocurrencies.

Along with many crypto-proponents who are looking for Big Tech to dip their toes into the industry, analyst Joseph Young tweeted his thoughts on Samsung’s exposure:

Although it does not come as a complete surprise because the spoilers of Samsung’s Galaxy S10 were leaked to the web months ago, many in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency sector expect Samsung to aid the market recession with a built-in crypto-wallet.

Indeed in a couple of days before the official release, the price of Bitcoin fueled by rumours, as well as the rest of major cryptos, has shown the signs of recovery reaching up to $4000. At the time, HTC might be a bit resentful since, after all, it was a trailblazer that unveiled the first smartphone running on the blockchain.

Galaxy S10 Embraces New Generation of Smartphones

Samsung has unveiled its first folding phone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, alongside a triple bill of new smartphones as it tries to head off competition from Apple and stem the decline of its global phone sales.

Right now Samsung’s Galaxy 10 event is going live, yet so far there is no word regarding the long-awaiting crypto-wallet that supports Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum-derived token ERC20 at launch. Analysts still believe that the release of Galaxy S10 will cover Samsung’s first flagship smartphone compatible with cryptos, thus the end of long-drawn “Crypto Winter” might come way too sooner than one expected.

The S10 presentation featured Instagram chief executive Adam Mosseri, who presented an “Instagram mode” that will allow users to quickly post any photo onto the social media site. So far Samsung has announced wireless Apple-style earbuds that feature a high-efficiency chipset, which allows for 5 hours of calls on a single charge. Also,  two front cameras that are exclusive to Samsung were mentioned during the event.

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