Vitalik Buterin’s Attempt to Have Ethereum Symbol Added To Google Keyboard Fails

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Earlier this week, in what could be a significant step in the recognition and legitimization of Bitcoin, the internet search giant Google added the Bitcoin currency symbol to their keyboard available for iOS mobile devices.

Google’s acceptance of the Bitcoin symbol as a valid currency sign is vital to keep in line with other currency signs, such as $, £, ¥ and ₱. The simple act of being able to type a Bitcoin icon into a sentence opens the cryptocurrency up to new possibilities.

Google turns down Buterin’s request

Following the move, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin approached Google. He reportedly asked the search engine giant to add Ethereum symbol to their keyboard as well. He said on a Twitter post:

“I would like to discuss with you regarding the possibility to add an ‘ETH’ icon.”

Fortunately, his tweet didn’t go unnoticed. While Google replied to the tweet, the response wasn’t what Buterin expected. Rather, Google reiterated Ethereum or any other altcoin symbol wouldn’t be added to their keyboard. The response reads:

“Thank you for your interest regarding our keyboard product. We regretfully have to inform you that Google will not add any other crypto icons to the keyboard besides Bitcoin “because we believe everything else is legally questionable and long-term not viable.”

Clearly, the response did not sit well with Buterin. He has since deleted the tweet.

Google tried to hire Buterin last year

Last year, Buterin tweeted a screenshot of what seemed to be a job offer from Google. He posted a poll on tweeter asking his followers whether he should abandon his current Ethereum development project and join Google’s staff.

The poll received more than 2,000 votes with more than 50 percent saying that he shouldn’t take the offer.

Following the tweet, speculations were made that Google might be interested in recruiting the young tech genius for a secret crypto project.

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