ConsenSys Invests in Ethereum-based Investment Startup Allinfra

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ConsenSys, a blockchain behemoth powering a swathe of Ethreum-based applications, has invested an undisclosed amount in an infrastructure development firm Allinfra.

According to a press release shared with a blockchain and crypto news site Cointelegraph, Allinfra will capitalize on ConsenSys technological prowess and experience in the field of tokenized assets. The start-up focuses on facilitating direct investments in unlisted infrastructure assets through Ethereum blockchain. It offers users a platform to buy, create or transfer ownership interests in these assets.

ConsenSys said that the company serves both institutional investors as well as other investors.

Joe Lubin, the founder of ConsenSys who also created Ethereum blockchain in conjunction with Vitalik Buterin, said that the investment would lead to the creation of more equitable and transparent markets. He stated:

“In the case of unlisted infrastructure, a traditionally restricted, and illiquid asset class, Allinfra will enable a wider audience to efficiently access and participate in the economic benefits of these assets.”

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Allinfra, Dave Sandor, predicted that in the next few months the startup would begin supporting “supporting a flagship infrastructure tokenization project.”

ConsenSys participated in a $2 million seed funding

As reported a few weeks ago, ConsenSys took part in a 2 million USD seed funding round for an Iceland-based cryptocurrency startup Monerium. A group of experts in the Finetech industry including former chairman of the central bank of Iceland founded the startup. The firm focuses on creating a solution for transacting real-world currencies such as dollars and euros over blockchains.

Also, towards the end of last year, ConsenSys reportedly laid off 13% of its staff. The layoff was part of a restructure from an incubating for startups built on top of Ethereum to a more conservative investment company dubbed “ConsenSys 2.0.”

In its few years of existence, the company has grown by leaps and bounds, with several offices across the globe. At least fifty ventures currently exist under the ConsenSys umbrella.

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