Binance Forays Into Indonesia’s Booming Crypto Scene, a Key Emerging Market

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For a number of reasons, a majority of the nations in Southeast Asia have quickly become mainstays in the crypto space. Singapore, whose government has indirectly invested in Binance, is known for its array of industry startups, banks that operate in good faith with Bitcoin traders, and sector events. Thailand purportedly has one of the largest crypto investor populations in the world. And the Philippines has long been an industry hub, with proper regulation, active investors, and pro-crypto financial institutions in UnionBank.While this is great in and of itself, Indonesia, another powerhouse in the region, is seemingly looking to plaster itself on the list of the top cryptocurrency nations across the globe.Binance Looks To Educate Indonesian Crypto InvestorsAccording to a press release obtained by NewsBTC, Binance Academy, the education-centric branch of the world-renowned exchange, has launched its service with a Bahasa Indonesia version. To accomplish this, Binance employees and contributors translated over 80 articles, which pertain to key products and terms in this industry, from English to Indonesia’s national language. Per the release, this represents approximately 10% of the content on the English installment of the website, which sports 726 articles, videos, glossary items, and other forms of media.

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