XRP and Ethereum [ETH] added to OKEx while three others get delisted from the exchange

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The cryptocurrency market and its volatile behavior has been going on for quite some time now with several of the best performers seeing significant price slumps, as well as pumps. It is in this background, that OKEx, a Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange launched XRP and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] in the C2C market while delisting others at the same time.

OKEx users can now buy and sell the newly listed tokens with supported fiat currencies – British Pound (GBP), Chinese Renminbi (CNY), Vietnamese Dong (VND), Russian Ruble (RUB) and Thai Baht (THB). The organization, in an official release, stated:

“OKEx C2C trading platform aims to provide a convenient and accessible way for public to better understanding of the application of digital assets and blockchain technology. The platform facilitates the trades between users by offering a low-volatility market and zero transaction fee.”

At the time of writing, XRP was trading at $0.32 with a trade volume of $16.42 million on OKEx. The latest news may push the exchange to become a major holder of XRP, with OKEx currently taking the 11th position on the exchange rank list.

The cryptocurrency exchange earlier announced that three other cryptocurrency exchanges will be delisted from the platform. The three cryptocurrencies are NEO, QTUM and Exchange Union [XUC].

In terms of Ethereum, OKEx held a slightly higher position ie. 10th. At press time, Ethereum was trading for $148.86 with a 24-hour trading volume of $81.992 million on OKEx. Recently, OKEx was also in the news when Tron [TRX] opened for perpetual swap trading on the platform.

The OKEx approval was another feather in XRP’s cap as the cryptocurrency was talked about by multiple luminaries in the field. The latest proponent to speak about it was Yoshitaka Kitao, the Chief Executive Officer of SBI. Kitao said,

“Because XRP is already beginning to become international, xRapid will be used for fund transfers in 2019. By increasing the so-called XRP’s plastic use, we anticipate that the [Ripple] market capitalization will easily exceed the market capitalization of Bitcoin (BTC).”

The CEO further touched upon SBI’s use of Corda saying,

“You can use R3’s ‘Corda’ for international remittance, but Corda Settler and XRP use this because they have high affinity. That’s why the SWIFT partnership with R3 (Corda) is good news that brings bright materials to the market… What I emphasize is to combine R3 and Ripple to make XRP thoroughly practical useable.”

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