Google Cloud Adds Ontology (ONT) Platform, Following Microsoft and Amazon

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Cloud platforms like Microsoft and Amazon have increasingly been drawing blockchain projects, and these platforms have been opening themselves up to serving blockchain projects. This time, Google Cloud has added the Ontology project to its platform.

Developers can use the cloud platform to develop and tinker around with smart contracts on the Ontology blockchain without having to set up a local environment. The feature on Google Cloud includes a block explorer, a smart contract Integrated Development Environment (IDE), SmartX, and an Ontology test environment.

Ontology published a blog post that announced the news, celebrating the fact that Ontology was available on all 3 cloud platforms. The blog post reads,

Ontology has also joined the Google Cloud Technology Partner program, which gives Ontology the opportunity to collaborate with Google in marketing activities. With this new relationship and the development platform releases, Ontology hopes to grow the tech community and make developing dApps more accessible for all.

Ontology (ONT), built by the same company that built the NEO platform OnChain, is an enterprise-focused platform that is attempting to connect businesses, governments and end users with its Distributed Network Architecture (DNA). The end goal is to create a smart economy that features interoperability between private and public blockchains.

In addition to Google Cloud, Ontology development is also available on Microsoft’s Azure platform and Amazon’s AWS. The Stratis project has had its ICO platform made available on Microsoft’s Azure, while Amazon’s AWS has introduced a blockchain-managed service that supports Ethereum and Hyperledger.

Cloud services are growing increasingly popular due to the convenience they offer in developing and deploying blockchain features. Indeed, leveraging and combining several different emerging technologies like IoT, AI, and cloud computing has become a noticeable trait of the industry.

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