Tron [TRX] Weekly report: BitTorrent and DApps rule Justin Sun’s cryptocurrency

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Tron [TRX] and its slew of developments have made a mark on the cryptocurrency market with the ninth-placed cryptocurrency bracing itself against the rampant bear attacks. The Justin Sun led cryptocurrency company recently released the weekly report that encompassed the updates it had made over the past week.

In terms of work completed, Tron stated that the wallet has been optimized for the multi-signature scheme, while the deferred transaction mode was designed for the structure. The Foundation added that there are a couple of projects in the pipeline such as developing anonymous transaction for the wallet as well as designing sidechain infrastructure for the smart contract.

Tron’s latest acquisition BitTorrent also had several updates with the main one being the listing of BTT on 23 separate exchanges. The exchanges included Binance, OKEx, Bittrex International and TRX Market. Tron also holds a total of 198,000,000,000 BTT which accounts for 20 percent of the total. Tron has also stated that they will disclose the lockup address now and disclose the addresses to the unlocked tokens on a monthly basis for community supervision.

The latest ERC20 token burn was also a key point of discussion, with the previous burns accounting for the burn of almost 100 billion tokens. The Tron developer community has also been active in the market with TronGrid being further optimized, while the wallet passed multiple hurdles on application stores.

Tron’s DApp prowess was also made evident when reports showed that Tron and EOS dominate the DApp market more than Ethereum [ETH]. The lowest phase recorded for the dApps on Ethereum was registered in July 2018, when the users per day fell below 8000.

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