Basic Attention Token is Now Redeemable at Around 250,000 Brads Around the World

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It is now possible for Brave users to redeem their Basic Attention Token (BAT) for rewards in over 250,000 brands around the world. These firms include Amazon, Apple, Uber or even Starbucks. This is possible thanks to a partnership between Brave Software and TAP Network. The announcement was made by BAT at the Mobile World Congress.

Brave and TAP Network Sign Partnership for Redeeming BAT Tokens

The cryptocurrency ecosystem continues to expand all over the world. Brave Software is a company that rewards users for allowing ads to be displayed while browsing the web. Users receive BAT tokens for their attention to the ads displayed.

The TAP Network is an advertising and data platform that is powered by blockchain technology. Users are able to control their data and preserve their privacy as well. The company claims that they offer real rewards to its users. Moreover, with complementing their services with Brave, they move towards their goal of building a private and seamless browsing experience.

Brendan Eich, the CEO of Brave Software, commented about the partnership:

“We’re excited to welcome TAP Network as a partner for our ad platform that’s built completely on privacy, and together, reward users for their attention while opening doors for brands that are looking to connect ethically with new audiences.”

BAT owners will be able to redeem their tokens in more than 250,000 brands. It will be possible for users to redeem tokens for gift cards from Amazon, Uber, Amazon or many other firms. This partnership will also enable users to make donations to the Red Cross, World Wildlife Fund and many other charities.

Brave is also working in order to expand its rewards offerings. This is why they are working with BuySellAds, AirSwap and ConsenSys and improve their reach and services. Brave Network was able to expand and grow in a very competitive virtual currency market.

Lin Dai, the co-founder and CEO of TAP Network, commented about this partnership:

“We are excited to partner with Brave to further the mission of protecting consumer privacy and rewarding users for participating in the advertising ecosystem.”

At the time of writing this article, Basic Attention Token is the 29th most valuable digital asset. BAT has a market capitalization of $194 million and each BAT coin can be purchased for $0.15 according to data provided by CoinMarketCap.

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