Monero is a permission-less network, can’t control who uses it, says lead developer

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Riccardo Spagni, a core developer of Monero, the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency, spoke about the reason why he got involved with Monero, during an interview with Naomi Brockwell. He also spoke about one of the most common conceptions surrounding the privacy coin.

Fluffypony, as Spagni is popularly known, stated that there were two main aspects that influenced his decision to join. First, Monero was not one of those cryptocurrencies that were based on Bitcoin’s code and second, the coin’s main focus was privacy.

Following this, the core developer spoke about how the cryptocurrency was one of the most favored choices by the hackers, and the black market for stealth mining to obscure transactions. For this, he said:

“Well, the thing is my personal feelings aside because they were largely irrelevant, Monero is a permissionless network you can’t control who uses it and you shouldn’t control who uses it. The biggest issue that we have with being painted into a corner like that, who decides what is good and bad”

Furthermore, he spoke about Monero’s future development. He stated that Monero is constantly striving to improve the privacy of the system for the users, adding that even scalability is one of the main focuses at present. He said:

“I think that’s [privacy] very important and obviously scalability is a big focus as well the Monero research lab and the Monero developers are very excited about things like MimbleWimble and seeing how it can be applied to Monero.”

He went on to say:

“The Stanford blockchain conference that just happened, lots of exciting things were spoken about and discussed new research that people have put out so these are all things that that the community and that the developers look at and that the researchers look at and go is this something that can be applied to Monero and perhaps it can but you know the aim is just to constantly improve that and make Monero as private as possible.”

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