R.L. Bryer (Pittsburgh Hodlr) Interview

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R.L. Bryer, also known as The Pittsburgh Hodlr, is among the early Bitcoin adopters who decided to remain low key. According to his story, he stumbled upon Satoshi’s invention in 2009, and remained interested in cryptocurrencies to the extent that he became one of the first Litecoin adopters, and ended up making up for his silence by writing a book.

Everyone who wants to know a little more about Mr. Bryer’s experiences can purchase the Kindle version of “Blockchain: Project Renaissance, Volume 1”. It is an encapsulation of the Pittsburgh Hodlr’s thoughts and opinions on various phenomena taking place in the world of cryptocurrencies, and the second volume is said to be launched soon.

As you’re about to discover, Mr. Bryer isn’t quite a Lambo bro who got rich and brags about his early adopter-enabled wealth. He’s a well-read libertarian who understands the virtues and responsibilities that come with wealth, and he likes to make use of his study of Mises, Rothbard, and Ron Paul.

In this 46-minute interview, you will find insights on many events and phenomena taking place in the crypto-space. Mr. R.L. Bryer isn’t fond of self-labelling and appears to be open to blockchain innovations. However, he appreciates the finite supply and censorship resistance of Bitcoin and Litecoin, as they were the reasons behind his involvement.

The Pittsburgh crypto enthusiast also makes bold predictions about BTC adoption and acceptance on behalf of governments, to the extent that he believes taxes would eventually be paid using Satoshi’s invention. Though he likes quite a few blockchain-related projects, Mr. Bryer doesn’t see much potential in Ripple and Stellar, and even points out to their lack of compliance with the libertarian ethos that started this entire movement.

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