Jack Dorsey is hiring 4 Bitcoin developers and 1 designer at Square Crypto

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In the evening of March 20th 2019, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has made yet another Bitcoin-friendly announcement: he is looking for current Bitcoin developers and contributors who can work full time for Square Crypto. While this brief statement may be interpreted as a corporate takeover, the principles and implications of the decision are as benevolent and cypherpunk as can be: Mr. Dorsey acknowledges the years of open-source development that he has taken for granted with his business ventures, and seeks to extend this work by further financing it.

Accordingly, three or four engineers and one designer are to be recruited in order to work for Bitcoin open-source projects. And in order to apply for this job, candidates must send a direct message to the newly-created Twitter account of Square Crypto.

Through his active advocacy for Bitcoin and support for projects that follow the cypherpunk ethos of writing publicly-available code, Jack Dorsey once again proves that he is in the game for all the good reasons and sees potential in open source projects. As mentioned in a previous article, this approach is anathema to the practices of many Silicon Valley companies that seek to print their own money in a closed environment that they can control.

To put it plainly, everything that Mr. Dorsey does for Bitcoin with Twitter and Square is the exact opposite of Mark Zuckerberg’s attempts to enter in the space with a new proprietary cryptocurrency. Given the rivalry between the two big social networks, we are basically witnessing how the open source approach is combating the more traditional ways of patented in-house development.

Furthermore, direct involvement through financing is a great way to prove that Jack Dorsey is in the game for the long term and truly sees potential in the technology. This is much more than a PR move and doesn’t resemble the characteristics of a corporate takeover – and for the same reason, the community is grateful to the social media pioneer.

Mainstream adoption, regardless of the moment when it will finally arrive, has gotten closer thanks to this initiative by Square Crypto. And those of us watching the events unfold can only hope that the four developers and the designer will create something from which the entire ecosystem can benefit.

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