Tron’s [TRX] Justin Sun announces USDT-Tron support on hacked exchange DragonEx

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Hacks have been a recurring issue that have often crippled the cryptocurrency market, with the Cryptopia hack in January being a prime example. The latest victim to fall prey to this predicament was DragonEx, a crypto exchange which announced that its platform was hacked, on their Telegram channel.

The hack was reported on 24-25 March, while on 25 March, the Tron Foundation announced that the USDT-Tron trading pair will be supported by DragonEx. This announcement was part of a slew of updates from the Tron roster, which also included TRX Market announcing its support for the USDT-Tron pair.

It is not confirmed whether Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation were aware of the hack before announcing it on social media, but the timing of the announcement demonstrates that the Tron update followed the announcement of the hack.

Post the hack, DragonEx had announced,

“Part of the assets were retrieved back, and we will do our best to retrieve back the rest of stolen assets. Several Judicial administrations were informed about this cyber crime case including Estonia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong etc. and we’re assisting policemen to do investigation.”

Further reports have confirmed that that the lost assets include Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], NEM [XEM], EOS, XRP, Ethereum Classic [ETC], NEO, ABBC, Litecoin [LTC], Bitcoin Cash [BCHABC], Stellar [XLM], Monero [XMR], Cardano [ADA], Ontology [ONT], Tron [TRX], Bytom [BTM], Asch [XAS], Icon [ICX], and Qtum.

The exchange also announced its investigation of the hack, stating that the authorities were working on finding the perpetrators. An official message from DragonEx read,

“We have encountered attacks from hackers and our users’ crypto assets and DragonEx’s crypto assets are both stolen. International Policemen are investigating. Please wait for following announcement about the accurate loss situation.”

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