Brave releases new details about its partnership with TAP; reward catalogs and other benefits announced

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The mass adoption of cryptocurrencies has been a major point of focus for the industry and one of the major proponents of this movement has been Brave. In its latest release, Brave revealed more details on its partnership with Tap and the subsequent rewards program.

The organization has stated that the current target to release the TAP redemption options in Brave Rewards is in 2019. Both projects will be providing updates as they move forward with the integration. Brave then discussed Hooch, TAP and Tap Network. The release stated:

“Hooch is a standalone app that features redemption offers from partners within the TAP Network. The TAP Network extends beyond the Hooch app, allowing partners to provide different offers on different platforms.”

Brave continued:

“TAP Network is the blockchain technology company that operates a “universal rewards” network. TAP Coin is the native “stablecoin” used within the TAP Network. Hooch is the first consumer app to integrate the full suite of TAP rewards technology.”

The makers of the Brave browser then elucidated on the process of redeeming BAT within Brave Rewards and the entry of TAP into the workings. Brave users will be given the option to browse through an online catalog of rewards that will include gift cards, hotel discounts and restaurant certificates. The partnership with the TAP network will power the transactions to increase the efficiency of the checkout process.

Another initiative taken by Brave is the concept of Brave Ads, where users will be able to earn BAT for choosing to view and engage with Brave Ads. The release said:

“Users will be able to use both the BAT they’ve directly loaded into their wallets and the BAT they’ve earned from viewing Brave Ads for TAP Network rewards and redemptions.”

TAP claims that with the partnership, the company aims to increase the total number of users in the TAP Network. Tap further stated that they want to design a simple and universal rewards program that doesn’t limit where consumers can earn or use their rewards with the core idea to protect data and instill privacy,

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