Tron’s Educational Event Series: Speakers prefer technological developments over crypto-prices

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Tron has been having a tough time in the cryptocurrency market as it slipped down to the eleventh position recently. However, to further adoption, Tron’s team has now kick-started the Educational Event Series to make people who are not a part of the crypto-world get acquainted with blockchain and digital currencies.

The Tron Foundation said that even though crypto has been around for nearly ten years now, people do not fully understand it, and drew parallels to blockchain technology. The Foundation stated that crypto and blockchain were still vague words for a majority of the world’s population.

Tron carried out its first talk on March 7 in San Francisco to help people understand the effectiveness of blockchain. The foundation marked 40 people in attendance and was joined by three speakers.

The speakers were Chris Eberle, COO of Swarm, Cecilia Li from OKCOIN U.S., and Kevin Ding, the Managing Director at Danhua Capital, from blockchain and crypto/traditional finance and investments. The topics discussed by the panel covered misconceptions about blockchain, which included the most common assumption that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, along with blockchain, can help an individual make a quick fortune.

According to reports, blockchain spending was going to increase in the US by a staggering $41.4 billion by 2025. The speakers also focused on how the finance industry was going to be the first to fully accept blockchain. The team of speakers explained the current bearish market through examples, but according to them, the technological development on various blockchain platforms was more important than the prices of the cryptocurrencies.

Tron recently partnered with San Jose State University in Silicon Valley, which would serve the purpose of educating people about blockchain and cryptocurrencies through an educational event and not through a traditional course.

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