XRP tops Weiss Crypto Ratings as EOS emerges the winner in terms of daily transactions and transaction volume

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The cryptocurrency market saw a lot of coins competing against each other in terms of technological superiority and mass adoption. The latest survey by Weiss Crypto Ratings took an account of the emerging trends in the crypto market and created a report on the long term success of the coins. The report said,

“The Weiss Crypto Ratings are based on two separate grades-a tech/adoption grade for long term investors and a risk/reward grade based on short term factors. Focusing strictly on the former, XRP is best positioned to compete with SWIFT, EOS is the leading cryptocurrency challenging Ethereum and Bitcoin is likely to become a popular store of value for savers and investors.”

The report gave XRP an ‘A’ grade, which was shared by EOS and Bitcoin [BTC] as well. Ethereum came next with an ‘A-‘ grade, followed by Cardano, Steem, NEO, ZCash, Litecoin and Stellar with a ‘B+.’ Tron [TRX], which was in the news multiple times for claiming to be better than Ethereum and EOS in terms of adoption and technology, was nowhere to be found on the list.

Weiss also combined a list of top cryptocurrencies with respect to one-year growth in daily user transactions. The top four cryptocurrencies in volume were EOS, WAX, Tron and Bitshares. According to the report, EOS daily transactions climbed from 7000 in 2018 to a massive 4.6 million in 2019. Justin Sun’s Tron came in third by registering 3000 transactions in 2018, spiking to 1.9 million transactions in 2019.

With respect to transaction volume, EOS led the way. The report said,

“Among all cryptocurrencies, EOS currently boasts the world’s largest on-chain transaction volume with 4.6 million per day. That’s 14 times the volume of Bitcoin and eight times Ethereum’s. Of course, not all transactions are equal in quality. But other metrics confirm that EOS has rapidly become an important player in the industry.”

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