Bitrue adds BNB/XRP, BNB/BTC and BNB/USDT trading pairs

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Bitrue, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange, announced the launch of three trading pairs for Binance coin [BNB] on 26 March. The cryptocurrency exchange added BNB/XRP, BNB/BTC, and BNB/USDT.

The news came after Bitrue added four new XRP-based pairs,  ZIL/XRP, IOST/XRP, GNT/XRP, and ICX/XRP. Bitrue had already listed 35 XRP-based pairs and the addition of BNB/XRP has pushed the total number of XRP-based pairs to 36.

The addition of Binance Coin trading pairs to the exchange is a move aimed at gauging some attention from the Binance community. Bitrue and Binance are two popular crypto-exchanges enjoying equal support from the XRP community. This listing is also unusual because of the fact that hardly any exchange adds a coin native to a competing exchange.

A member of the XRP community @Akasost had asked Bitrue for a BNB/XRP pairs on 27 March,

“Hey @BitrueOfficial @Curis_Wang and @binance fans. Who wants to see @BitrueOfficial add an XRP-BNB @binance coin base pair? #xrpcommunity #bnb #xrp #xrpthebase #XRPTheStandard”

Bitrue CEO Curis Wang responded, with Binance’s Chagpeng Zhao, tweeting,

“Careful what you wish for 😁”

After Bitrue added BNB/XRP pair, the Twitter user responded,

“Geez that was quick. XRP base pair with @binance BNB coin, I only asked a few days ago. Those irons must have been in the filings 😂 nice works once again @BitrueOfficial quickly becoming my favourite exchange #xrpcommunity #XrpTheBase #ripple”

CZ also replied to his tweet, stating that they do listen to crypto-users.

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