Ripple clarifies their plan to have a ‘global footprint’ as a cross-border payments company

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Ripple is a payments company focused on facilitating cross-border payments with their innovative and proprietary products like xCurrent, xRapid, and xVia. In the recent episode of Ripple Drop, Ripple disclosed how they were planning to have a global footprint to understand the needs of their customers in different regions.

Jinal Surti, Ripple’s Director of Business Operations, spoke about expanding Ripple’s global presence. He said that they were hiring local team members as and when they opened new offices around the world. In addition, Surti said that they were also conducting regional events to facilitate the same.

Surti added:

“We are a cross-border payments company, by definition we have to be global because our customers are global, the regions behave slightly differently, so what we’re doing is we’re hiring teams that are closest to the customers in those regions to make sure that those regional differences are taken into account as we expand our presence.”

Apart from expanding their global presence, Ripple is also focusing on being more than “just a tech company”. Ken Weber, the Head of Social impact at Ripple, spoke about their $1 million donation to Tipping Point.

Weber stated:

“We recently announced a 1 million dollar gift a tipping point Tipping Point is a San Francisco based organization that works with a carefully selected portfolio of community-based organizations to help individuals and families in the Bay Area or are too poor to meet their basic needs.”

He added that Ripple was also concentrating on investing and engaging in initiatives that were creating a measurable social impact.

Ripple has become a leader in cross-border payment innovation due to massive partnerships with more than 250+ partners around the world. Furthermore, Ripple is setting a standard for other players in the same space.

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