Tron’s Justin Sun faces accusations of scamming Tesla giveaway winner

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Tron Foundation has been actively seeking the Tron community’s participation in different projects and giveaways. One such giveaway seems to have landed Tron Foundation’s CEO and Founder, Justin Sun, in a tough spot.

To celebrate the Tether/Tron partnership, the Foundation decided to organize a USDT giveaway from 30 April, with an initial budget of $20 million. Additionally, the Foundation promised one Tesla to one of the “lucky Twitter followers” to begin the giveaway.

Sun even recorded a video, explaining the TWrench application, which was used for the draw.

The lucky winner of the Tesla was @uzgaroth, a Twitter user. Justin Sun reached out to him on Twitter, asking him to send his details to ship the car.

Source: Twitter

However, Sun canceled this round on the grounds of transparency and did a live stream of the giveaway. Sun tweeted saying:

“We shared a video of the selection process for transparency. Due to the large size of the video, Twitter wasn’t able to compress it properly resulting in a glitch. We will contact Twitter to make sure this doesn’t happen again. We apologize to the community for the mishap.”

Sun added,

“For full community transparency, we decided to cancel the previous result and so a live stream draw instead.”

@uzgaroth claimed that he sent in his details immediately after Sun declared him the winner. He tweeted,

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

After the issue was escalated by many Twitter users, Justin Sun responded to @uzgaroth. Sun apologized, stating that his team decided that a non-livestream method to determine the giveaway winner would cause “ambiguity and controversy”. He instead offered @uzgaroth compensation,

“However, I do recognize that this is an unfortunate situation, and would like to extend my warmest welcome to the next #niTROn summit in 2020, including a fully paid round-trip ticket to the event location. We are very grateful for your continued support. #TRON”

This did not go down well with the community, with many suggesting that the winner of the second giveaway is actually a bot. Twitter user @CryptoJohnGalt pointed out in a thread that Sun was “up to something” by not giving away the Tesla to @uzgaroth, but to @kozmenko2017, who appeared to be a bot. @CryptoJohnGalt tweeted,

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

He attached the following to prove his stance,

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

@CryptoJohnGalt concluded by saying,

“More Hard to say exactly what Justin’s trying to pull here, but it’s pretty clear he’s trying to pull something, amiright?”

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