Tron DApps Weekly Report: Tron now has over 236 DApps with over 500 smart contracts

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Tron Foundation is making the most of every announcement to garner the attention of its community. Tron released its DApp weekly report on 29 March, highlighting the latest developments in the world of Tron DApps.

Tron currently has 236 DApps with over 500 smart contracts, along with 14 decentralized exchanges and 54 games on Tron. Tron’s mainnet had 2.2 million accounts and the 24-hour transaction number capped at around 4.2 million, at press time.

DApp cooperation added that MyWish, which was earlier based on the Ethereum platform, now supported Tron’s smart contract creation and deployment.

MyWish enables users to build and deploy their own smart contracts on Tron and does not require any specific skill set. The report spoke about how a user can choose a contract template in order to customize the creation and deployment of contracts.

Tron’s recent partnership with CoinPlay was well received by the community after the Tron-USDT partnership. CoinPlay, an online digital coin mining platform designed for new miners, was acquired by Tron. After the BitTorrent acquisition, CoinPlay was a step ahead for Tron as CoinPlay was the first global blockchain app store. Tron Foundation’s Founder and CEO, Justin Sun, made the announcement on Twitter,

“Fellow #Tronics: I’m proud to officially announce that #TRON has successfully acquired CoinPlay. From now on, @CoinPlayShop becomes part of TRON ecosystem, together with #BitTorrent, making TRON one of the largest decentralized ecosystems in the world.#TRX”

Tron also conducted a giveaway to promote Tron-USDT partnership, promising to give one Twitter user a Tesla through a giveaway. The Foundation aimed at using this strategy to get more people into using or creating DApps. The blog stated that Tron chose Tether because it was more economical and because of its belief that a concrete stablecoin payment experience would enable users to start paying attention to DApps.

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