XRP: After Microsoft Outlook, XRP can now be sent via Gmail using a simple Chrome extension

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SchlaubiDev, a dev known for developing an add-on that allowed users to send XRP via e-mails, has developed a new extension for the Google Chrome browser using which users can send XRP via Gmail directly to the recipient’s XRP TipBot.

On March 29, 2010, the developer posted a tweet with a video that showed how the new extension was fairly simple to use. He also added a link to the extension for Chrome users. The extension was called “MoneyMessage”.

XRP users and the entire community expressed their happiness‏ about it, and some users helped the developer brainstorm a couple of ideas that could be integrated into the extension.

A Twitter user, @JasonArmbuster, commented:

“Haha … But maybe there is a calendar function in the sdk to make a certain email happen each 30 days? … On another note, it is nice that you haven’t forgotten about me .. “

@xrpemonty, another Twitter user, commented:

“If somebody has xrptipbot they have to disconnect the app, is there no “friendlier” way to get this done?”

SchlaubiDev had earlier posted the add-on for Microsoft Outlook, which also surprised the users due to its ease of use.

For sending XRP using Outlook, the sender needs to enter the desired amount of XRP, which will be sent to the receiver via the XRP TipBot after the email is sent. The recipient will immediately receive an email from MoneyMessage with the access data. The XRP received can be withdrawn by the user at any time to the desired XRP wallet.

The only necessity for using the function was that users needed to have an XRP TipBot account. Moreover, the maximum amount of XRP that can be sent was limited to 20 XRP. The new chrome extension also works in a similar fashion.

With developments like these, the XRP community is fueling the adoption of the cryptocurrency as developers are also trying to build new use-cases for XRP. The first prominent development in this direction was Wietse Wind’s XRP TipBot, which caught users’ attention as sending/tipping XRP was made simple and easy-to-use by the service.

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