Binance CEO on Craig Wright: “Anymore Of This Sh*T” – Time To Short Bitcoin SV?

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Recently, Craig Wright and his attorneys served Twitter user, Hodlonaut, legal papers for defamation, even going so far as to put a $5000 bounty – in Bitcoin Cash SV – on the user. The act by Wright which was roundly condemned by users and insiders, has now garnered the attention of Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, who threatened to delist Bitcoin Cash SV as a result of the decision to single out one individual in what many agree is amounting to a witch hunt.

Zhao’s declaration that Wright is not Satoshi is sure to bring more attention to the incident. Users, meanwhile, have banded together in support of Hodlonaut, with many changing their Twitter handles to Hodlonaut. Users Skive_BTC and @CandleHater said respectively,

#CraigWrightIsAFraud came about via community consensus.
Calvin Ayers threats against #Hodlonaut on the other hand use his own personal website and by offering a financial reward is considered targeted harrassment.

Hodlonaut was one of the first to follow my previous (now suspended) account and this one. He’s kinda my first internet friend.
Today I got followed by around ten hodlonauts and became one myself. I love the internet, you’re the best!

Should Binance actually delist BCH SV, that would certainly warrant attention on the token’s prices.

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