Vitalik Buterin Started Rapping To Promote Ethereum – Community Not Entirely Happy With That

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Vitalik Buterin is receiving some flak for a performance on April 10 relating to Ethereum at the EdCon 2019 conference, after rapping with fellow crypto insiders against a colorful background featuring Australian wildlife.

Some crypto enthusiasts found the act a little cringe-worthy and a poor marketing stunt, though others say that it’s alright to have a little fun and be a little offbeat.

Indeed, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao is in the second camp and does not seem to mind, even saying that he “kinda likes it”,

It’s clear, though, that this is no stunt to get bring some attention to Ethereum – the project certainly needs no help with that. The whole performance appears to simply be a group of developers and crypto insiders having some fun.

And Buterin is not the only one who’s attempted to use stage and sound to get some attention on a platform. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates once famously danced to the Rolling Stones “Start Me Up” for the launch of Windows 95:

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We want to hear your opinion! What do you think about Vitalik marketing for Ethereum in this way?

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