Rockefeller Capital MD Joins The Board of Directors Of This Little (Yet) Known Crypto Project

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The Managing Director of Rockefeller Capital, Guy Dietrich, has joined the Board of Directors of Quant Network, the latter announced on April 10.

Dietrich has also worked at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney and was a member of the advisory board of the Stanford University Institute for Economic Policy Research.

source: Quant’s Blog

Dietrich was pleased with joining the board, saying,

I’m delighted to join the Board of Quant Network. This is an exceptional team of experienced professionals in the cybersecurity and blockchain industry.

Gilbert Verdian, CEO of Quant Network believes that Dietrich’s 35+ years of experience would add to the contribute to the long term-strategy of Quant,

We are very pleased to have Guy join Quant Network’s Board. His leadership experience, business expertise, and passion for emerging blockchain and distributed ledger technologies will prove to be valuable assets as we continue to execute on our long-term strategy and expand into the US market.

According to the Quant Network, the company’s focus is as follows,

Quant Network is a pioneering technology company combining cybersecurity, industry and government experience to develop advanced technologies enabling trusted interactions between companies and their customers.

Interoperability and Cybersecurity

Both interoperability and cybersecurity, which Quant Network focuses on, are important development goals for projects in the crypto space.

Quant Network offers products designed for enterprises, easing them into the crypto space like projects like Stratis.

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