Craig Wright claims Bitcoin [BTC] is infested with “censorship” as Binance delisting mauls BSV

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Bitcoin [BTC] was created as a means to fight government censorship and to promote financial freedom, but according to its opponents, it is a bastion of curtailment. Craig Wright, the self-claimed Satoshi Nakamoto has reignited the Bitcoin censorship claim at a time when his project Bitcoin SV [BSV] is being silenced from major exchanges.

Prior to the delisting announcements, Wright penned yet another attack on BTC via a blog post titled “BTC and Censorship”. He began the post by referring to the top cryptocurrency as a “fraudulent scam” and as the “airdrop-altered form of Bitcoin code designed to confuse the ignorant investor.”

Through this post, the nChain chief scientist aims to portray the “omnipresent threats” that surround Bitcoin and its “level of resistance” against the same.

Wright stated that the first time a soft fork was implemented, “BTC was eroded”. He added that the core reason for Bitcoin being prone to censorship was the susceptibility of the coin to have its “stable protocol” altered.

He even referenced the “white paper,” claiming, once again that he authored it, mentioning the segment about the 51 percent attack and the options presented to the spearhead of such an attack.

Given this resolute nature of the nodes in the network and the ability of the protocol to remain firm, he stated:

“The only way that Bitcoin can express censorship resistance is to have a stable protocol. With a stable protocol, what may be temporarily censored today, for whatever reason, can always be replayed later.”

Wright mentioned the Pay-to-Script-Hash (P2PSH) transaction as being the “worst addition and breach of the Bitcoin protocol”. He added that these transactions could be supervised, creating situations where the invalid transactions could be “incorporated into the blockchain”.

The nChain chief scientist went on to emphasize the importance of censorship and added that since Bitcoin fails at the same, “BTC was not Bitcoin, and is all about censorship”.

Coincidently, Wright’s tirade against censorship comes at a time when his project Bitcoin SV [BSV] is being shown the door by several cryptocurrency exchanges. Binance has delisted the coin, following CZ’s threat to the BSV community last week. Shapeshift has stood by Binance affirming their decision to delist, while Kraken had put out a pool on the same, receiving an overwhelming response to delist, mentioning the coin’s “toxic” nature.

Despite pegging themselves on a censorship free-advocacy wave, Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre have not taken too well to crypto-influencers calling the former a “fraud”. The duo has dropped legal notices to the likes of Holdanaut and Peter McCormack for their aforementioned “fraud claims”.

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