Vitalik, Ethereum 2.0 Won’t Be Delayed a Single Day – What’s Going To Change?

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In a recent thread on the r/ethereum subreddit on April 14, Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder and mastermind behind Ethereum (ETH), proclaimed that Ethereum 2.0 will not be delayed by a single day.

Buterin’s Reddit post came about due to his frustration with recent discussions claiming that Ethereum’s governance and so on were affecting Ethereum 2.0’s development.

In defense against such Reddit criticism, Buterin posted:

In one post, Buterin outlined all of the recent progress and developments being made on Ethereum and put emphasis on all the small projects in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Ethereum’s Massive Ecosystem and Projects Moving It Forward

In stating:

“When you’re making a bet on the Ethereum ecosystem, it’s those silent armies you are betting on.”

Buterin was referring to the hundreds of development teams and projects working on Ethereum. The Ethereum Foundation employs about 100 individuals, Consensys employs far many more, and Status is also rising as an Ethereum dev powerhouse.

To get a glimpse of just how large and interconnected the Ethereum ecosystem is, a visualization of the Ethereum ecosystem done by Parity Tech can be seen below:

Image Source:

All in all, Buterin is confident that the road to Ethereum 2.0 is coming along nicely and the fact that the Ethereum ecosystem is growing and working hard is enough proof for him to believe they will implement Ethereum 2.0 on time.

Do you agree with Vitalik Buterin that Ethereum 2.0 will arrive on time? Ethereum’s developments have been vastly delayed in the past. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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