John McAfee speaks about Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity, Kraken joins #delistBSV bandwagon, and more

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The Bitcoin SV saga continues with another set of lawsuits from the BSV camp set to rock the industry. However, this legal charge is not spearheaded by Calvin Ayre and Craig S Wright, but the BSV holders.

Kraken became the latest heavyweight exchange to delist Satoshi’s Vision on April 16, following Binance. After this ousting, Ayre claimed, that the exchange’s BSV holders are taking legal action. In a tweet, less than 12 hours after Kraken’s booting out of the coin, the BSV proponent stated that “US companies,” are “preparing lawsuits,” against the San Francisco exchange.

His tweet read:

Source: Twitter

In addition to the “companies” looking to target Kraken with “lawsuits,” Ayre suggested that the exchange has “cut off BSV withdrawals.” He added that such an “illegal” move should result in the BSV account holders filing a “class action suit” against the exchange.

Kraken’s official blog post regarding the delisting clearly spelled out that the BSV deposits will only be disabled on April 22, following which trading on the listed trading pairs will conclude seven days later. More importantly, withdrawals will be permitted till the end of the next month i.e. May 31 allowing plenty of time for BSV holders to pull their funds out of the exchange.

Despite no mention of a change in the terms of the withdrawal by Kraken, Ayre attests to the “illegal” change. His tweet stated:

Source: Twitter

Bitcoin SV has been no stranger to using the legal path to engage the cryptocurrency community. Over the past week, Ayre and Wright have been launching a slew of legal notices to those who claim that Wright is a “fraud.” Unsurprisingly, the community is opposed to their “bullying,” with Kraken CEO referring to the BSV “founders” as “total assholes” upon delisting the coin.

The Reddit BSV-community appeared to be disgruntled by the lawsuits and by Kraken’s behavior, first with the poll hinting at delisting and their official announcement. One user, pafkatabg drew a parallel with the stock market:

“Imagine Nasdaq’s CEO to start a twitter poll if they should delist TESLA, because Elon Musk’s behaviour is toxic and this twitter poll results in 20%+ drop in the price. It’s clear market manipulation.
Kraken’s actions are hard to explain with valid reasons. It’s all about emotions.”

Fount4inhead opined:

“The poll is absurd I know. We all know that majority of customers for exchanges are speculators and so a poll like this is equivilant to having a horse race and then asking participants to remove certain horses from the race after bets are placed, of course they vote yes.”

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