Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin could have been ‘Non-giver of XRP’ in an alternate universe

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Daily Crypto News – April 18

Craig Wright withdraws email evidence: The self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto withdrew the email evidence submitted to the court with regard to Kleiman case. This news comes days after some members in the community suggested that the email evidence was “fake”. Notably, the evidence was withdrawn as Wright could not verify the timeframe of when the emails were exchanged.

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US 2020 Presidential Candidate urges the need for cryptocurrency regulation: Andrew Yang, the United States 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate, released a new policy, which emphasized on the need for regulating the digital asset place, and also listed the actions he would do for the cryptocurrency market as the President. On his official Twitter handle, Yang stated that, “Investment in cryptocurrencies and digital assets has far outpaced our regulatory frameworks”.

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Bitcoin SV network witnesses yet another blockchain reorganization: It was reported that Bitcoin SV’s network witnessed another blockchain reorganization on a 128 MB block, with over six blocks orphaned [#578640–578645]. Moreover, Bitcoin SV’s network was unresponsive for over an hour.

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Craig Wright takes on evidence and law: In a recent blog post, Wright speaks about proving to be the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. He stated that, “the important thing to understand is: law is law. Code (programs and algorithms) in any form is merely evidence… You see, ownership of the key is not proof of anything other than the possession of a key”

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