Bitcoin Community Delivers Nearly 14 Tons of Food to Venezuelan People

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The cryptocommunity has banded together to help the citizens of Venezuela, who have suffered in recent times from an ailing economy. Investors have found a way to deliver over 12,500 kilos of food to its people.

The effort, which was captured in several photographs, was headlined under “Food, not Lambos”, a reference to the self-serving tendency of some investors who have bought the expensive car upon making profits in their investments.

As a part of a project called Bitcoin Interest (BCI), the whole process began when one community member approached other crypto members to help those in need. The description that accompanies the photographs reads,

To keep our people in Venezuela safe we will use different names. For now let’s refer to this person as Carlos. Carlos has been involved with us, mostly through mining, for about a year now. He has always been very polite and never asked us for anything. Carlos came to us recently stressing the hardships his town of 5000 people in Venezuela were facing. The lack of food, water, and even electricity has made it very difficult for the people down there. He very politely asked if there was anything we could do.

The team then spoke to “Carlos”, sending him the funds he needed to purchase the supplies from local merchants, who were also glad to be a part of the effort. Having purchased the supplies, Carlos managed to make the arrangements to distribute the food, which was done over several days.

As authorities came to investigate as to whether the US government was involved, there was some delay, but not for very long. The description ends,

Even then word spread quick and the local Government Agents (really)  quickly came to investigate, but again found no evidence of US Government help.  Carlos was nice enough to document this sending us photos and all kind of things showing all the great things he was able to accomplish with just a bit of help from our team. We are incredibly humbled and proud to be on a team that takes the request of its community members serious and when the opportunity knocked to help, BCI answered.

Users on Reddit have also taken to the project and are offering assistance in any way that they can. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become a possible solution for the country’s woes. Volumes have been high in the country.

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