Day: April 23, 2019

Next Altseason Can Bring Similar Returns (3,631%) as 2017, Says Tom Lee

Tom Lee, co-founder and head of research of US Investment Fund Fundstrat Global Advisors – a market strategy and investment research company, explains via Twitter that the next big altcoin bull market, commonly referred to as “altseason,” can bring investors similar returns (3,631%) as 2017. Accompanying the chart showing previous […]

BlockFi Makes Bitcoin Interest Accounts More Accessible, Lowers Minimum Account Threshold

A firm working to bring traditional financial services to those invested in crypto assets has lowered the minimum Bitcoin account balance required to receive interest payments. The move is reportedly in response to public pressure to make the service more accessible.Naturally, those wishing to use BlockFi’s interest accounts should be […]

BTC and ADA Are Showing Positive Signs With Strong Bullruns and Weaker Corrections

The cryptomarket is going through some good times, recovering from the sharp fall it had during 2018. The recovery of the global marketcap, and the high number of developments around cryptos and blockchain technologies has led many analysts to claim that we are close to witnessing not only a stabilization […]

Cardano [ADA]: It is definitely not my responsibility to appreciate ADA’s value, says Charles Hoskinson

Nasdaq, the second largest stock exchange in the world, is reportedly testing the trade of Bitcoin-based products on its platform. A Twitter user named, Cryptopolis, claimed the purchase of one Bitcoin [BTC] via TD Ameritrade account, on the social media platform. This news was backed by Charlie Lee, the creator […]