Belarus President Wants To Mine Bitcoin Using Country’s Nuclear Power

click here to see original post reports that Belarusian governmental figures are looking to mine cryptocurrency – with the aid of nuclear power. Meeting with members of the IT industry, President Alexander Lukashenko spoke of his intentions to continue support the digitization of the country’s economy.

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The country is currently building a nuclear power plant and the surplus energy will used for mining bitcoins, which the head of state directly references,

We will launch the atomic station and there will be surplus energy. I have left some space there – we’ll build farms and we’ll be mining and selling those bitcoins. They say if you have bitcoin it’s not a problem to sell it, right?

Belarus legalized cryptocurrencies within its High Technologies Park last year, a move which brought several incentives for crypto-companies to innovate. The country has also launched a platform that allows users to purchase tokenized versions of securities.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that the governors of the central banks of Afghanistan and Tunisia were looking to launch sovereign crypto bonds with the intention of boosting the respective nation’s economies.

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