South Korea: Hyundai Implements Blockchain For Its Electric Vehicles

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South Korean car manufacturing giant, Hyundai, has revealed that it will use blockchain technology to the end of allowing smartphones to be paired with its electric vehicles, reports Green Car Congress.

The report describes the features of the implementation as follows,

Drivers can use this technology to adjust seven performance features including the maximum torque output of the motor, acceleration and deceleration abilities, regenerative braking capacity, maximum speed limit, responsiveness, and energy use on climate control.

One of the primary purposes is to allow users to upload their settings and customize functions, and the technology is expected to prevent security issues.

Research fellow, JeongSoo Eo, from the Hyundai Motor Group said of the development,

As Hyundai Motor Group is planning to deploy 44 eco-friendly models by year 2025, including 23 electric vehicles, we see the potential of technologies and services inherent in non-combustion vehicles. By developing paradigm-shifting mobility technology like this one, we will continue to strive to improve user experience for electric vehicles customized to individual preferences.

The use of blockchain technology in the Internet of Things space is a much talked about idea, and several projects are building solutions for a space that is developing just as intensely as the blockchain space. One such project is IOTA, which uses the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology that the team expects will be able to support a large scale – a necessary move for a space like the Internet of Things.

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