Activity and sleeping patterns suggest Craig Wright can’t be Satoshi

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The idea that nChain scientist Craig Wright can’t be Satoshi Nakamoto has circulated around the crypto space for quite some time. Community members have gathered compelling data to point out to false statements, backdated PGP keys, and bizarre patent-seeking behavior that doesn’t reflect Satoshi’s cypherpunk ethos. However, this type of subjective analysis was not clear enough to reveal whether or not the Australian academic was behind the creation of Bitcoin.

However, after announcing the upcoming release of a detailed report which reveals new information about Craig Wright, cypherpunk Jameson Lopp has dropped a teaser. On April 24th, the Casa CTO has tweeted two graphs which indicate the times when Satoshi and CSW were most active between 2009 and 2010. In the case of the pseudonymous cypherpunk, the analysis concerns the number of Bitcoitalk posts and code commits. Conversely, Craig S. Wright’s public activity is quantified in blog posts.

Upon a clear comparative analysis, it appears that Craig Wright can’t be Satoshi Nakamoto.

Under the assumption that the nChain scientist lived in Australia and had a regular sleeping pattern, it becomes clear that he couldn’t have been behind the public activity of the Bitcoin creator. Not only that the graphs appear to be complete opposites in terms of work-sleep schedules, but assuming that Craig S. Wright is Satoshi implies that there was no sleep involved for at least a year, and the same person constantly switched between accounts.

According to Casa CTO Jameson Lopp, the data behind the graphs is public, was taken from websites and GitHub repositories, and its sources will get posted in an upcoming article. Furthermore, the cypherpunk has made an interesting geographic remark which suggests that Craig Wright can’t be Satoshi: given the work-sleep patterns, it can be assumed that the Bitcoin creator lived on the Eastern side of North America, or on the Western side of South America. Conversely, the Australian computer scientist shows patterns that confirm his whereabouts and working hours at the time.

As community members continue to speculate and bring up names such as Hal Finney, Charlie Lee, and even the NSA, more data which may confirm that Craig Wright can’t be Satoshi Nakamoto may be underway. On April 19th, Mr. Lopp has announced the release of an extended report on the nChain scientist and his claims to have invented Bitcoin. Its contents had been analyzed and temporarily held back by multiple teams of attorneys, and it’s estimated that more than a third of the findings have been removed due to legal issues.

Given this early statistical start, it’s likely that the data that Jameson Lopp will present features more quantitative analysis and fewer instances of subjective comparisons. However, whether or not the findings will be conclusive enough to put the claims to rest is yet to be seen. Crypto Insider will keep you updated with the details regarding the report and the arguments presented. If the hypothesis at stake is that Craig Wright can’t be Satoshi Nakamoto, then solid evidence is required.

Crypto Insider has contacted Jameson Lopp to comment on the graphs and his interpretation on the data. His response was the following:

It’s not conclusive proof of anything, but rather is another piece of the puzzle that should be considered along with all of the other evidence. Though if you follow Occam’s razor and don’t believe Craig was meticulously tracking his times posting as himself vs as Satoshi, it does look like the person(s) who wrote emails, forum posts, and code were either all the same person or lived in nearly the same time zone. And that time zone was on the opposite side of the world as Craig, as we know both from his post timestamps and from lots of other evidence that shows he resided in Australia during that period.

Image credit: Truthvoice, Pixabay

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