Craig Wright’s prophecy on Tether’s collapse re-ignites BSV camp’s ‘Craig is Satoshi’ claim

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As Craig Wright’s social media buzz started to fizzle out, a new debacle hit the cryptocurrency market on April 26, the Tether-Bitfinex disaster. This led to a market registering a cumulative fall of $10 billion within an hour, with major cryptocurrencies recording massive losses. Jimmy Nguyen, a popular Bitcoin SV proponent and President of Bitcoin Association, re-plugged an earlier tweet by Craig Wright, thus hinting at a prediction about Tether that came true.

Nguyen shared: 

Craig Wright, the nChain Chief Scientist, quit Twitter a while back and claimed to be the true identity behind the pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto. Following this declaration, Wright sued numerous prominent people for defamation, including Ethereum’s founder Vitalik Buterin, for questioning the authenticity of his claims.

The BSV camp, or more so Calvin Ayre, has taken the responsibility to prove that Wright is actually ‘Satoshi’. The replug of this tweet of Wright is all BSV camp needed to re-announce the wisdom of Satoshi flowing through Craig even in the past.

Contradictory to this popular BSV belief, Wright is not the only person to have predicted the fall of Tether. Tone Vays too had talked about the issues with Tether in 2017 in his videos on multiple occasions. Vays had said:

“When the US Government wants to shut down $USDT, they will.”

Vays had also said:

” $USDT is like E-Gold, government will cease underlying asset.”

Bitfinex’ed emphasized on the circulation of Tether and it being backed to the US dollar too. Not only Vays and Bitfinex’ed, but the crypto community has also been discussing everything that is wrong and right with the US dollar-backed stable coin. However, a part of the BSV community accepted that Wright was the real Satoshi as he supposedly “predicted” the fall. Twitter user @BSV_MetaNet said:

” Satoshi is all ways Wright & I’d never bet against.”

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