Interview: Jennifer D’Hoir on Gide 255 and being a blockchain lawyer

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Jennifer D’Hoir and the newly-established blockchain-oriented law firm Gide 255 were by far some of the most interesting participants at Paris Blockchain Week Summit 2019. By virtue of “Loi PACTE”, which was recently ratified by the French Parliament (and which Crypto Insider has previously covered), young professionals like Jennifer have left their public office jobs in order to offer legal counsel to the bourgeoning blockchain world.

Now that a proper legislative framework exists in France, there is a high demand for lawyers who specialize in blockchain affairs and business, so that the plans for growth can really take off. Following your roadmap with a higher degree of legal certainty is definitely something that Jennifer D’Hoir and her company seek. Furthermore, being certain about the status of your cryptocurrency (whether or not it is a security) is also essential for the purpose of operating within legal boundaries.

During this 16-minute interview, you will find out more about Gide 255, how it aims to help French firms get proper advice in relation to the law, as well as defend their rights. For instance, opening a bank account as a cryptocurrency-driven business used to be a nightmare, so lots of economic actors were either deterred from running their operations or pushed to pursue the legally-grey zone.

Definitely one of the best parts of this interview revolve around a conversation about privacy and whether or not blockchain transactions should be publicly revealed. Interestingly, Jennifer D’Hoir has pointed out to GDPR as a framework which favors privacy over mass surveillance and targeted data collection, and it’s reassuring to know that law experts in the field see the fine line between compliance and fundamental human rights. It should be noted though, that the comment was personal and does not necessarily reflect the views of Gide 255. Enjoy this exclusive interview!

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