HTC to Launch “Version 2” of its Flagship Blockchain Smartphone in 2019

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Based on a recent report, Taiwan based consumer electronics giant, HTC, has made it known that it is going to launch a second-generation model of its blockchain-based smartphone before this calendar year comes to an end.

This Will Further Help Drive Sales for the “HTC Exodus” and Blockchain Adoption

The Chief Decentralised Officer at HTC, Phil Chen revealed that this new action is a step towards boosting of sales for the company’s blockchain-focused smartphone called ‘Exodus,’ which was launched last year spring and to grow the company’s blockchain ecosystem.
Chen went further to explain that the sales performance for the first-generation Exodus phone had met the expectations of the company. He stated that new crypto trading companies, and bitcoin (BTC), as well as Ether (ETH), assisted in increasing demand for the commodity.

New Version to Retain Some Key Features

The second-generation model will retain some of its features like messaging, social media, and browsing. It will also have its own applications such as its transaction management, personalised e-wallets, and its support for virtual currency which are peer-to-peer based compared to the previous model which is controlled by cloud or mainframe boards.

While expressing his thoughts, Chen stated that the massive acceptance shown towards centralised consumer applications like accommodation booking site, at BNB and Uber, a taxi service app will serve as milestones in the upcoming blockchain and decentralised technologies sectors.

Recently, Phil Chen reportedly spearheaded Proof of Capital, a new $50 million blockchain-focused venture capital fund which is in partnership with HTC. The partnership was forged so as to enable portfolio companies to work with the firm and directly create products and services for Exodus and other prospective HTC blockchain initiatives.

HTC is an established mobile device manufacturer with years of experience developing high-end device. Leveraging its already well-known name, the mobile manufacturer is spearheading a shift towards DLT use.

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