Crypto Tidbits: AT&T Accepts Bitcoin, Grayscale Ethereum Trust Launches Publicly, Binance Margin Inbound

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Another week, another round of Crypto Tidbits. The past week saw not much happen in the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin (BTC) traded relatively flat, save for a few bouts of major volatility, and other digital assets followed suit. Some altcoins, however, saw a helluva week. Binance Coin, Chainlink, and Litecoin come to mind first.The cryptocurrency space has been tumultuous as of late; we’ve seen both positive and negative news. But there’s an underlying theme: the industry is growing at a rapid rate. Over the past seven days, we’ve seen AT&T reveal that it will be accepting Bitcoin payments, Grayscale launch an Ethereum product to the public, and developments arise about Facebook’s incoming digital asset, dubbed “Globalcoin”.Related Reading: Crypto Tidbits: ‘Spedn’ Bitcoin At Whole Foods, Cryptocurrency Cynic Flips Bullish, And Bakkt LoomsCrypto TidbitsBinance Confirms Impending Margin Trading LaunchIn a cheeky Twitter post published on Thursday, Binance quietly revealed that it has a margin trading (leverage) user interface ready to be rolled out “soon”. It isn’t clear when the feature will launch, but analysts have stated that this will be a revolution in how the cryptocurrency market operates and trades. This confirmation comes after Binance’s support for margin had been rumored and hinted at for months. Just weeks ago, chief executive Changpeng Zhao told an audience on live streaming app Periscope that his firm had begun to give institutional players/whales an opportunity to play with Binance’s margin offering. And weeks prior to that, outlets like The Block cited insiders who claimed that Binance was looking to get into margin trading.Dark mode 🌚 or Light mode 🌝? #Binance— Binance (@binance) May 24, 2019AT&T Now Accepts Bitcoin Through BitPay: Announced Thursday, AT&T, a Texas-based American technology giant valued at $234 billion, will be accepting Bitcoin payments for its services through the Atlanta-headquartered BitPay. Per a press release, AT&T is now the first “major U.S. mobile carrier” to provide its millions of customers with the ability to purchase services for cryptocurrency. Speaking on the matter, Kevin McDorman, vice president of AT&T Communications’ Finance Business Operations unit drawled:

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