XRP Payments Reach Near ATH for the First Time Since 2017

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Ripple’s (XRP) payments are nearly at its all-time high, data from XRP Charts show. Payments are at just over 100,000 with the last time such numbers were seen being just before the bull run of late 2017.

Some users have wondered whether this could just be one factor, but it is possible that a large number of micropayments have been made. One Twitter user, Galgitron, said,

Massive spike in micropayments (purple). No idea what it’s about, BUT, it could very well be just one actor, so don’t lose your mind. Remittance-size payments volume still high, big weekend drop suggesting at least some is utility. If this weekend is similar, really encouraging.

Ripple has surged past the $0.4 mark and is riding on the crest of a wave of good news. Banks are seriously considering implementing Ripple’s technology and several pilot programs have been conducted.

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