Flash Hike: Bitcoin SV price surges by 16% in an hour

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In block 578,327, a total of 144,076.47 BTCs worth 1.25 billion was moved, costing only $19.42 in fees. The next block, 578,328, also contained a total of 157,157,457.61 BTCs worth 1.35 billion, moved a few minutes after the first block.

Changpeng Zhao aka CZ, CEO and Co-founder of Binance, tweeted a few minutes before the movement, informing the community that the exchange will be moving some funds between cold wallets.

The first transfer was an aggregation of 14 transactions into two separate wallets, 3M219KR5vEneNb47ewrPfWyb5jQ2DjxRP6 and  37tRWwodVmALbJcjw45sDaS4DczriKEezA, each of which hold 579k BTC and 673k BTC, respectively.

Source: Blockchair.com

The second transfer was an aggregation of 85 transactions into two separate wallets, not similar to the aforementioned, 3QjvmQSvufx54RDAoZdXzkj2WZG7xdvv3i, which has 772k BTCs and  32MHMmESiEYaBeZrCbpxMu6UF7LKDLdBPX, which has 596k BTCs.

Binance confirmed the transfer by retweeting Whale_Alert’s tweet,

However, Whale Alert confirmed that two particular transactions belonged to Binance, the first transfer contained 77,410 BTCs and was sent from multiple wallets to Binance’s cold wallet, 37tRWwodVmALbJcjw45sDaS4DczriKEezA.

The second transfer contained 68,570 BTCs sent to Binance’s cold wallet, 32MHMmESiEYaBeZrCbpxMu6UF7LKDLdBPX.

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