Bitcoin SV [BSV] will absorb every other cryptocurrency in the future, claims Calvin Ayre

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Whether it’s in the social media, or on the price charts, Bitcoin SV [BSV] has this uncanny ability to stoke the attention of the cryptocurrency industry, at times for good, most times for bad. The communications spearhead for the BSV project, Calvin Ayre, owner of their mouthpiece Coingeek stated that their cryptocurrency will eventually “absorb” every other virtual currency in the market.

In an interview with BNN Bloomberg, the Canadian partner of the @business network, Ayre, taking a break from the Coingeek conference, replicated his Twitter persona praising the BSV project and Craig Wright, the self-claimed creator of Bitcoin. His tryst into the cryptocurrency space can be summarized as him helping Wright “get back control of the narrative in the Bitcoin space,” adding that Satoshi’s Vision is a “legacy project.”

Speaking on the topic of the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, and Wright’s relentless claims to the same, Ayre doubled-down stating that Wright had been working on Bitcoin two years prior to the launch in 2009. Furthermore, Wright “stepped away,” hoping that the project would “take on a life of its own,” however, it was “hijacked,” by several forces.

Ayre eluded to the “main difference,” between BSV and other cryptocurrencies as Wright’s project, “massively scales on chain,” while describing the other digital assets as “dysfunctional,” “altcoins,” and “hobbies.” However, this claim has been contested by several in the cryptocurrency space.

In contrast to the larger crypto-camp, Ayre stated that he is a “proponent of regulation,” adding that Wright’s version of Bitcoin has been “designed from scratch to be regulatory-friendly.” The regulatory argument is a very divisive topic within the industry with the line-in-the-sand drawn between what is “necessary regulation,” and what is “overt control.”

Despite the Bitcoin SV project being less than seven months old, accused of being a prop-up scam, facing criticism on the transaction, block generation, fee, and mining front, being delisted from top exchanges like Binance, Kraken and Shapeshift, Ayre, quite confidently stated,

“In the near term, Bitcoin BTC can exist, but if BSV continues to follow its scaling roadmap, there is just no need for any of the rest. So, I think they will be absorbed into BSV.”

At press time, Bitcoin SV amassed a massive 93 percent price hike against the US dollar in the past 24 hours over claims that CSW transferred 50,000 BTC from the biggest BTC wallet to Binance.

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