Ripple’s David Schwartz responds to conspiracy theories while XRP community preps for Stefan Thomas’s AMA

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The cryptocurrency market saw a bull raging, taking the prices of most cryptocurrencies to the moon. XRP, the third largest cryptocurrency in the market, too followed the wave and noted significant growth in its price. The price of the coin is speculated to breach its immediate resistance and shoot above 50 cents after Founder and CEO of Coil, Stefan Thomas’s AMA session on Reddit.

Thomas, Ripple’s former Chief Technology Officer, will participate in XRP-related conversations and Coil. The AMA with Thomas will spark many conversations around XRP and the CEO announced this on his Twitter handle,

“Final reminder for my @Reddit #AMA happening tomorrow, Thursday 5/30 at 12.30pm ET / 9.30am PT. “

The current CTO of Ripple, David Schwartz, helped the community by suggesting a few questions to ask Thomas,

“Ask him about losing thousands of bitcoins and about aliens with extraordinary abilities. Or ILP and Coil. That works too.”

However, his tweets gave way to various conspiracies people have heard and speculated about Schwartz. One of the Twitter users, @JohnnyRipple2, asked the Ripple CTO,

“Speaking of conspiracies, How was it working for the NSA?”

Schwartz responded that he had worked with a ‘fantastic group of dedicated patriots.’ However, it saddened him to watch what the Patriot Act did to the country’s national intelligence apparatus, Schwartz conceded. He followed up by saying,

“Short version: The wall between national intelligence and law enforcement is critical for doing either effectively. Weakening that wall had disastrous consequences.”

The CTO has previously encountered several provocative questions about XRP during his AMA, and Thomas might too, which might have an impact on the price of the third largest cryptocurrency. At press time, XRP had reported a growth of 4.32% over the past day and was valued at $0.4609, with a market cap of $19.41 billion. Over the past seven days, XRP surged by 23.56%, but fell by 0.38% within an hour.

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