You Can Now Buy Bitcoin At 2,200 Kiosks In The USA

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The supermarket kiosk network Coinstar has recently expanded its number of locations available for users to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with physical cash to 2,200 locations within the US. Users are now able to buy Bitcoin at these Coinstar kiosks in US supermarkets via their partnership with Coinme.

Coinstar and Coinme have partnered to allow users to purchase Bitcoin with US dollars. The kiosk does not support the purchase of Bitcoin with physical coins as of this moment in time. The Coinstar kiosks will allow users to purchase up to $2,500 worth of Bitcoin at any time, but users will still have to comply with AML and KYC laws by providing the proper documentation on their website.

Started in 3 Locations — Now Available in 21 States

Coinme, a Seattle-based ATM company, became the first state-licensed Bitcoin ATM provider in the United States in 2014, and the company has been expanding ever since. They originally teamed up with Coinstar in January 2019 to provide Bitcoin services to California, Texas, and Washington. Since then, the two companies have expanded to over 2,200 physical locations in over 21 states, which include Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and Philidelphia.

The CEO of Coinstar, Jim Gaherity, stated that the company experienced an “overwhelming” level of demand from consumers and retail locations, and they will continue to expand into more locations as time progresses.

In total, Coinstar operates over 20,000 kiosks worldwide. If they are able to expand their Bitcoin services beyond the US, this will greatly increase the ease of buying Bitcoin for the mass population in supermarkets worldwide.

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