Author: Aakash Athawasya

Bitcoin [BTC] bulls will fizzle out of the FOMO rise; correction imminent, claims Peter Brandt

Bitcoin [BTC] broke $8,500 following yesterday’s massive surge which pushed its market cap over $150 billion for the first time in months. With the king coin sitting pretty and set to break-out over $9,000, many in the community are optimistic. However, some crypto-traders have adopted a more skeptical mindset. Peter […]

Bitwise Report 2.0: BTC price deviation ‘rapidly’ arbitraged; single global price possible

Bitcoin [BTC], year-to-date, is up by over 110 percent while trailing its all-time-high by over 60 percent, which would invite skeptical questions about the cryptocurrency’s volatility and hence opportunities for arbitrage. However, in light of this fluctuation, the exchanges that tout “real” volume have vastly decreased opportunities for arbitrage, claims […]

Bitwise Report 2.0: Bitcoin [BTC] futures continues growth; volume over 50% of its Spot counterpart

Amidst the price rally fever that is gripping the Bitcoin [BTC] spot market, contractual products are continuing to surge. A new report by Bitwise Asset Management, continuing from where their March report left off, attests to the growth of the Futures market, in consequence of the April rally. On a […]

Bitwise Report 2.0: Trading Spread tight among “real exchanges”, Bitcoin market efficient post price rally

As Bitwise Asset Management patiently awaits its decision from the US Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC], the firm has released yet another report detailing the Bitcoin spot market. Following their March proposal, Bitwise, among other things, highlights the tightening of trading spreads in the BTC spot market. The report released […]

Bitwise Report 2.0: Wash trading still rampant; US holds over 30 percent of ‘real volume’

Bitcoin [BTC] and the larger cryptocurrency market trading came to a standstill in March, when Bitwise Asset Management released their report which detailed that 95 percent of the exchanges fake their volume. Two months later, Bitwise released yet another report expanding on this misrepresentation. The report, meant for the US […]

Bitcoin [BTC] and the US Dollar: Halving mirror effect on fiat would result in FOMO explosion

Bitcoin’s halving, scheduled for May 2020, has everyone talking, with many focusing on the mining rewards that will be enforced after the event. One among these theorists is Anthony Pompliano, Managing Partner at Morgan Creek Digital, and outspoken Bitcoin bull. In a recent tweet, Pompliano equated the top cryptocurrency’s halving […]

Binance leads IEO performance as exchange’s Launchpad token sales outpace competing platforms

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, is firmly establishing itself as the top dog in the initial exchange offering [IEO] market. Following the launch of several successful tokens via their launchpad, competing platforms are nowhere in sight. With BitTorrent [BTT] and the Matic Network [MATIC] shooting for the […]

Bitcoin SV: Craig Wright’s legal battles to continue; Peter McCormack to mount legal defense soon

nChain’s Chief Scientist, Craig Wright, who was in the news after sending a barrage of legal notices to those who disputed his Satoshi Nakamoto claims and called him a “fraud,” may now be on the receiving end of one such legal notice. He may be receiving one from WhatBitcoinDid podcaster, […]