Author: Akash Girimath

Bitfinex’s LEO tokens now listed on Delta Exchange and available to trade

Bitfinex’s Leo tokens faced quite a lot of criticism when they were announced, due to the missing $850 million funds from Bitfinex. The private investment round by Bitfinex also faced a lot of heat from the media. However, in a recent development, Leo tokens are being listed on various exchanges […]

Bitcoin is simple and elegant and very hard to replicate, says Chief Strategy Officer of CoinShares

CNBC’s Crypto Trader Ran NeuNer, spoke to Max Keiser, Co-founder of Heisenberg Capital on the sidelines of the Magical Crypto Conference and discussed Bitcoin’s current trends. Keiser said that he was bullish on Bitcoin in the long term, adding that he would be sticking by his “$100,000” prediction for Bitcoin. […]

XRP: Google Chrome extension to detect trustworthiness of select XRP addresses goes live

The XRP community is vast and perhaps, the most active community in the crypto-ecosystem. The community’s active presence has led to many developers and new users flocking to the ecosystem. This has also led to the development of several XRP-centric products for the ecosystem. A Twitter user and a well-known […]

Basic Attention Token [BAT]: Brave browser testing new tipping feature to help content creators

Ray Youssef, Co-founder and CEO of Paxful, has announced the official launch of their crypto-wallet. Paxful is a peer-to-peer Bitcoin market place, which had previously promised to give away Bitcoins to all those who attend their workshops and download their wallet app. In a statement announcing the launch, the Co-founder […]

BSV STN is mining 1.4-gigabyte blocks; Is this a scaling solution or a journey towards centralization?

Bitcoin SV, the fork of Bitcoin Cash, has set up an STN [Scaling Test Network], specifically intended to test on-chain scaling for large blocks, which also acts as a standard network in the latest update of Bitcoin SV. It was noted that the STN was mining blocks that were more than 1 […]

BNB can now be traded on Tesla using two wallets; BNB adoption increases as it can be used to pay for coffee

Cryptopia, the defunct New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange, announced that there was an update with regard to the first liquidation report. The exchange stated that the New Zealand Court grated the platform ten extra days to present the report, with the date now scheduled to 4th June 2019. The exchange stated […]

Binance sees ‘higher number of orders’ than peak Bitcoin frenzy of 2017; hints at iOS app for Binance

Binance exchange, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, was reported to have problems with a couple of users since there was too much load on the exchange, especially with Web, PC, APP. CZ tweeted: Web, PC, APP are experiencing load issues. API users are fine. — CZ […]