Author: Arijit Sarkar

Bitcoin CME futures take a hit after value drop, Justin Sun lists out future plans for Tron, and more

Crypto News – 15 July – Justin Sun lists out future plans for Tron, Bitcoin CME futures take a hit after value drop and more Don’t forget to follow us for our daily videos#Tron #cryptonews #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #btc #Crypto @justinsuntron — AMBCrypto (@CryptoAmb) July 15, 2019 Crypto news 15 […]

Catching up or playing catch up? Justin Sun talks about Warren Buffett lunch

While Facebook’s involvement with cryptocurrency has pulled in mainstream attention, it has overshadowed the decade-long innovations led by crypto technologists. In an effort to clear some of this fog, Tron CEO Justin Sun took to the Internet to share his recipe for success amidst the turbulent crypto market. Sharing his […]

It’s game over for gold; crypto assets to capture a meaningful portion of $8 trillion gold market: Barry Silbert

Although financial systems have built on gold’s enormous usability and scarcity, Barry Silbert believes that handing over the wealth to the future generations will involve less use of the highly-valued metal. Arguing that gold shouldn’t weigh down a modern investor’s portfolio, he said: “It’s game over (for gold). Digital currencies […]

Max Keiser hints at the coming of a Monero-BTC duopoly in cryptospace

Given the plethora of coin offerings with niche differences, it is no secret that the financial ecosystem will be ultimately home to only a handful of names. In this effort, businesses have started rebuilding their ecosystems to ensure their coin maintains its future-ready status amid the rising competitions. Contrary to […]

Opera browser adds BTC and TRON support for crypto wallet

Along the ongoing crypto drive, leading businesses have begun fusing crypto-related services to harness an edge in the marketplace – a clear indication of mainstream adoption. While some have aims to disrupt and dominate cross-border payments, businesses like Opera and other Chromium-based web browsers are leading their niche markets in terms […]

Blockstack to lead crypto-powered investments in the U.S. following SEC’s approval to hold token offering

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) gave the green light to Blockstack, an open-source decentralized computing platform, to conduct a one-of-a-kind “regulated” token offering. According to reports, the SEC approved a $28 million offering of Blockstack. The information was also widely shared on social media, as prominent crypto advisor, Anthony Pompliano, […]

Stellar network aims to improve network performance with latest Go SDK release

The race for market dominance has given birth to a new wave of competition within the crypto-development community, to deliver a platform that can redefine the status quo of monetary transactions. Marking a new milestone in this realm, Stellar, the decentralized protocol for cross-border payments, has announced a new release […]

First mover better prepared for world domination, says Binance’s CZ as he hints at Facebook-Tencent rat race

Just like any other disruptive technology, cryptocurrency required a decade to be viewed as not just a speculative and risky asset, but as the future of the world’s financial services. Today, with the entry of several financial and non-financial institutions into the crypto-space, many around the world are speculating what […]

Ponzi scheme victims storm Tron office; police called in to protect staff

Ponzi schemes in the crypto ecosystem can be traced back to every single bull run that attracted a new wave of naive investors. Although such scams maintain its stronghold within the budding markets, Tron made headlines after being linked to a billion-dollar Ponzi scheme with Chinese investors. A video surfaced on […]

No ICOs and no premining, Charlie Lee attributes Litecoin’s success to its fair launch

While Charlie Lee made his name in the cryptospace for creating BTC’s silver, Litecoin’s market has been heavily dependent on Bitcoin’s bull run for its soaring trading value. In one of his latest interviews, Lee gave his take on Litecoin’s soon to be expected halvening and how it may challenge […]