Author: Ashwath Balakrishnan

Bicameral Interconnected Investments: A New Take on Strategic Blockchain Investing

Venture capital firm Bicameral Ventures has funded three new companies to help build a technological ecosystem and improve product development management. Nodesmith, metaMe, and Velocia provide an array of mutual solutions from improving developer uptime to enhancing traffic flow management for urban regions. This new investment thesis is a refreshing […]

Ethereum Update: Funding and Development Roadmap

With incredibly ambitious projects in the pipeline, the Ethereum Foundation has released its spring update, on May 21, 2019, to provide insight as to how the money will be spent and which functional areas will be targeted. The Ethereum Foundation is the resource allocator that helps smaller teams come together to […]

Ripple Facilitates Payment Remittances From India to Saudi Arabia

Indian commercial bank IndusInd has tied up with Saudi Arabian British Bank (SABB) through their partnership with Ripple. The payment remittance corridor between the two countries is powered through xRapid and xCurrent, as both banks adopted both networks, as revealed by Ripple, May 20, 2019. Further Headway in India After […]

Crypto Derivatives Witness Large Institutional Turnout

Bitcoin derivatives are shattering all-time highs for volume and number of open contracts across various platforms. CME, BitMex, and Deribit all smashed their previous month on month volume highs in May 2019 – and the month isn’t even over yet. The volatility and slow developing efficiency are slowly introducing previously […]