Author: Mohammad Musharraf

Baltimore Struggles to Tackle Ransomware Attack as Hackers Demand $10,000 per Day

The entire United States’ city of Baltimore is heading through what can be termed as a communication network blackout. Zero Hedge report published May 23, 2019, stated that the hackers who conducted the ransomware attack to crumple the city’s communication are now demanding $10,000 dollar worth of bitcoin per day. […]

Netherlands-based Rabobank Steps Away from its Crypto Wallet Program

Dutch bank Rabobank that announced its plan to create a cryptocurrency wallet Rabobit in March last year is now stepping away from its plan due to the hindrance faced by the uncertain crypto regulations in the Netherlands. This according to The Next Web, May 23, 2019. Not the Right Time […]

Mozilla Firefox’s Update to Protect Users against Cryptojacking and Fingerprinting

Twenty years since developing and providing an alternative Internet experience, Mozilla Firefox on May 21, 2019, rolled out a new update of its browser. The updated version is said to make browsing faster as well as prevent users against cyber threats such as cryptojacking and fingerprinting. Rising to Security Concerns […]

As SIM Swap Attacks Amplify, Companies Recommend against Using SMS as 2FA

Phone hijacking, also known as SIM swapping, is considered a major threat to digital asset holders. Many cases were registered of phone numbers being ported by the hijackers to gain access to one time passwords and validate transactions or change account passwords. Following this, major crypto companies stepped back from […]

Seoul Mayor still Bullish on Blockchain for Smart City Initiatives

South Korean news outlet reported May 20, 2019, that the Seoul city mayor Park Won-soon during the ‘Korea Future Forum & Blockchain Tech Show’ highlighted the use of blockchain and Ai in recording and storing data. He also spoke of his plans to integrate the blockchain authentication system in […]