Author: Namrata Shukla

Tether Treasury lands in troubled waters as it accidentally prints 5 billion USDT followed by a subsequent burn

At 5.34 PM UTC, Tether Treasury minted a massive amount of Tether, and the news spread like wildfire. Tether which was already speculated to carry out suspicious transactions was questioned for printing 5 billion USDT, an amount large enough to shake things for Bitcoin. The CTO of Tether and Bitfinex, Paolo […]

Tron’s DApp count rises to 513 as Tron-USDT airdrop garners support from exchanges

The Tron Foundation recently celebrated its first anniversary and gifted the community BitTorrent File System and BitTorrent Speed. Along with these developments in its ecosystem, Marcus Zhao, Technical Director of the Tron public chain, announced yesterday that the team had nearly completed the anonymous transaction system, following Tron’s journey up […]

Binance coin leads the up/down capture chart among major coins; Ethereum brings up the rear

As crypto-users wait for a bull run followed by an alt-season, Jeff Dorman, Chief Investment Officer [CIO] of Arca, a full-service investment management firm, has suggested another way to look at the performance aspect of individual cryptos. Dorman’s company Arca owns Ethereum [ETH] and LEO but according to Dorman, Ethereum […]

Correlation between crypto’s sentiment, price movement is incredibly strong, says The TIE’s Joshua Frank

The cryptocurrency market responds to speculation, whether it is the price of Bitcoin or any important announcement that has the ability to push a coin’s price and market cap upwards. The cryptocurrency market, unlike other asset classes, depends significantly on market sentiment, noted Joshua Frank, CEO of The TIE, in […]

Wells Fargo gets called out for blocking crypto-transactions and users’ accounts

The world of cryptocurrencies has been working towards mainstream adoption for a long time now. However, rejection by major financial institutions has always been a problem. Institutions like banks have tried to use cryptocurrencies’ underlying technology, blockchain. However, that has not helped with the skepticism that exists regarding cryptocurrencies. Wells […]